Meet Our Newest Instructor, Jeff Bozier!

Hey everybody! Meet Jeff Bozier, newest instructor at Kore!

He has been training in Martial Arts since 2010. He has trained from different forms of Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, etc. He has competed within those sports, as well. When outside of the ring, He takes a true passion for teaching individuals how to defend themselves as well as get them in optimal shape.
Why try boxing? Well for starters, boxing is a great workout because from beginning to end, your mind and body is getting a consistent workout
So many benefits! Such as: amazing calisthenic workout, body transformation, protection skills, conditionings and even coordination!
Jeff defiantly gained confidence, a effective way of meditating, and just an overall great experience to have fun from fighting!

Check out our Kickboxing times! Let’s try something new together.
Friday @5:30 pm & Sunday @10:15am