Kore Sisters

Kore Sisters!!!

Kim Driver & Sharon Kurtzman are Not really sisters in the biological sense although are oftentimes mistaken for each other so as Sharon likes to describe it they are” Kore Sisters!”
We love both Kim & Sharon and they bring so much kindness, hard work, and dare we say silliness to the studio. We wanted to get to know these ladies a little better and their fitness journey at Kore.

1. When did you guys start doing bootcamp type workouts?

Sharon: I did my first boot camp about 6+ years ago before I met Kelly. My friend asked me to do it and I agreed. It was extremely difficult and very challenging. My fitness level at that time was being a runner and I wanted to change up my exercise routine. I met Kelly through a friend exactly 6 years ago. Kelly was just starting her own business and I followed her to multiple locations from a church halls, parking lots, school gyms, Hanley’s hill (you don’t want to go there), a preschool classroom/parking lot, Annie’s playground, and even my court. I have been with Kelly since she started Kore behind the Armory.
Kim: About 6 years ago Kelly posted a flyer in the Bel Air Charm City Run Store to take her bootcamp classes. I was there with my two youngest daughters in high school and said to them I have to start doing something. Kelly provided a punch card for each class and I’d follow her to different locations.

2. What do you love most about Kore
Sharon: What I love most about Kore is all the amazing trainers. They really care about you and encourage you through every class!!! You never know what to expect with each class, which can sometimes be a little scary! I always reflect after class and wonder how I got through.
Kim: The camaraderie and hard workouts are the best. You might be sweating like crazy but you know the person next to you is “in the same boat”. These are the people that make it easy to come to the next class and see their faces.

3. How do you think Kore can benefit other people
Sharon: I believe Kore can make anyone achieve their fitness goal. I hear people say how they could never do an exercise before and now they might do 100 burpees in class. I’m still working on doing a pull up!! Yikes, that is so hard!!!
Kim: Kore has a lot to offer. There are lots of different classes and all ages attend. The different instructors each have their own styles and all of this make the classes exhilarating.

4. How has working out at Kore affected your life? Your health, weight, strength, and overall well being. How has it benefited you in these areas?

Sharon: I believe Kore has improved my life! My blood pressure is better than it ever has been. My weight has remained fairly consistent (except through holidays lol). I feel stronger physically than when I was in my 20s. Overall working out at Kore has given me the confidence to do these type of workouts. I took my first cycle class when I was 30 and I struggled through the class and couldn’t even stand up on the bike during class. Now, I’ve taken classes where I may stand almost the entire 45 min. class. That was and is amazing!!! Whenever I’m really sore and something hurts more than usual, my granddaughter says to me, “Nana, did you do that at boot camp?”
Kim: Kore is the reason I am stronger and weigh less. There is no doubt I am healthier. If you regularly come to class, it will naturally happen. As all of us became more familiar, we started talking more. This prompted Kelly to begin a running group for whomever wanted to join in. Between the classes and the running it was amazing what we accomplished as a group. I would never have thought I’d look forward to running long distances but if the group was doing it, then I was there, too!

5. Do you feel that you are more inclined to go because of the friendships and the community at Kore?

Sharon: I am definitely more motivated by the people that I’ve become friends with at Kore. It’s funny to hear people comment/complain about a class and how sore they are after BUT we keep coming back. I’ve been doing boot camp classes for 6 years and I still get very sore and even feel like I am going to throw up during class. I tell myself often that I can’t do something but then I DO IT!!

Kim: Absolutely, I go to Kore because of the people. We joke and encourage each other. It’s so fun to see how we progress and get better all the while huffing and puffing!

6. Do you believe that Kore can help benefit other people
Sharon: I believe Kore can benefit anyone IF they want it! I would encourage anyone to give yourself 1 month, not 1 class, and see how much better you feel after. I would also encourage trying every trainer and class offered.

Kim: Kore can help anyone who wants to become healthier. Exercising gives us confidence and pride in ourselves as we become stronger. It makes me feel so good about myself.

7. The 2 of you are not sisters and are not related but people at the studio get you mixed up. I think it’s fun that people think of you guys in that way. How do you react to it?
Sharon: Kim is my Kore sister!! I was congratulated 2 times recently in class about the run that Kim did. I should have just said thank you, but instead I gave her all the credit. I think its hilarious but also a compliment!!

Kim: I was a little surprised that people thought Sharon and I looked so much alike. I honestly did not see it and I don’t think Sharon did either. However, as soon as I heard this, I said “Dang Sharon! This is great because you’re one hot mama!” I hope she sees me the same. Hahahah