How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

Yes, the impossible can be done! Our instructors at Kore decided to tell us their favorite tips on how to achieve staying active and healthy on vacation. Just because it’s time to relax, doesn’t mean all your hard work flies out the window!

“Plan out things to do that are active. Hiking, swimming, etc…” – Kelly Backert

Yes, plan on being active during this time! Work up an appetite! Take a beautiful walk or a bike ride.

“I try to go for a walk-most likely a run- and use that time to plan our day and see new things and places to visit! If I spot a bench or ramp I’ll do a mini HIIT workout:)”- Cary Barrett

Ladies and Gentlemen, next time your in Ocean City look for Cary on that bench & join her! No excuses! A bench is an awesome prop which can be used for step ups, tricep dips, etc…

“For me, exercise needs to be whenever I get the chance to dance..I dance! At a a nightclub..on the beach..on a boat..with a goat JK (I do love yoga with goats, though ;)And adventure is always I like to plan an zip lining, rafting, tubing, paddle boarding..Or a nice long hike to check out the scenery and all time favorite is finding and hugging any and all animals in the wild..(JK kinda ;)” -Dawn Evans

She is the sweetest! Being active doesn’t mean planning a workout, something as simple as dancing. Put down that glass of wine and shake your booty!

“Pack healthy beach lunches such as mason jar salads, peanut butter on rice cakes/protein flatbreads, etc.” -Jennifer Barrett

So true! Make your food colorful, it’s more appealing and you get more vitamins & minerals.

“Be mindful of how much you’re drinking and how much you’re eating. When you drink alcohol your body will store the food it’s currently digesting as fat, so it can try to quickly rid itself of the alcohol! Moderation is key here.” – Emily Waite

No need to go stir crazy! Have that slice of cake you deserve it! But moderation means knowing when to stop and knowing your body’s limits!