Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Kore is all about new beginnings! So how can you start off the New Year in a positive direction?
Here are some tips from Cary & Emily on how to kick off the new year in a healthy way!
Emily & Cary’s 10 Tips On How To Start The New Year

1. “Make a habit!”- Emily. Make your fitness routine a habit. People tend to die out after January but if you stick with it, I can promise you results will come. You will also have a fun new habit.
2. “Keep a routine!”- Cary. Keep at it! Don’t give up and always try your best. Your best differs from day to day, remember that.
3. “Be BOLD.” – Emily. I know what you’re thinking…what the heck does BOLD even mean? Well if you’re going to do something, do it big! Don’t be afraid to take chances (yes, that means trying new classes!!) or try something new. Gain some new confidence in a class or even a new skill. A healthy mind means a happy body!
4. “Set Goals.”- Cary. Don’t forget to set goals or you’’ll forget why you showed up! You feel more accomplished once you achieve something. Even if its something little.
5. “Make time for YOU.”- Cary. It’s important to remember that the reason you show up is because you care about your health. Take a second to stop caring for everyone else and remember you have to take care of your own body first.
6. “Limit your TV watching!”- Emily. Okay, I know this sounds so typical. But seriously limit it to 1-2 hours a day and find other ways to fill your time. Get creative, your brain will be refreshed!
7. “Stay Active!”- Cary. Find different ways to move. Whether thats parking further away from the grocery store or taking your kids on a walk. It’s important to stay active during the day for our bodies.
8. “Eat a vegetable.”- Emily. Typical Emily. Veggies are so important to fuel your body. They fill up your vitamin stores for low calorie which improves overall performance. They also help prevent disease, be kind to your body!
9. “Make healthy choices!” -Cary. Eat in moderation but also incorporate whole foods that give your body the love it needs.
10. “Have fun!”- Emily. Your workout is about YOU. If you don’t like lifting, don’t lift! Find another way to be active. Maybe you run. The whole point is to find classes you like and fit you. Try different instructors and different styles. Once you find the fit, try to make friends in your classes!

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