Falling Back into Fitness!

Summer and vacations are starting to come to an end. Some of have gotten out of our Fitness Routines. Here are some Kore Tips for getting back on track!

1. JUST START! There is never going to be the perfect time. So just start and get that first day, week, and month done and start feeling better.

2. COMMIT! Make the committment whether its signing up for a membership at Kore, buying Personal Training sessions, joining the 21 Classes in 31 Days Challenge, signing up for a local race or walk. Making that committment can help you get back on track.

3. SUPPORT! Find support whether its friends, the Kore Community, support group, trainer, etc… Surround yourself with people that support your healthy goals.

4. FORGIVE YOURSELF!! If you didnt get to the gym like you wanted, didnt eat perfectly, fell off track! Forgive yourself, let it go, and keep moving forward. Life always gives us another chance. Its about Progress not Perfection. Just a little side note: NO one is Perfect!!

5. PLAN! Have a plan or a few plans. Maybe like most of us you have a busy life. You can have a plan to get to the studio and then it falls short. So my advice have a plan B. Workout at home, Plan C walk for 20min, Plan D 10 pushups, squats, and crunces before bed. It will make you feel better to have done something. Dont give up just because it didnt turn out the way you wanted.